Andrea's rudimentary web site.

This website features a Blank Page according to the recommendations of the TPILB-Project.

Some photographs here, and on flickr, JPG Magazine

I love playing Boardgames

Lou's web site.

Bureau of Meteorology BoM 4-day weather forecast for Melbourne.

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Send me a file (up to 1GB).

Some of the treasures of the internet:
Project Gutenberg WikipediAWikipediA

I use the wonderful Opera internet browser Opera
with mouse gestures built-in, plus many other features.

For my emails, I use Eudora v7.1.
Some other email clients are: Opera (yes the browser also has an email client), and Pegasus. Alternatively, there's web mail with Gmail, which I find excellent.

Another internet browser is Firefox Download Firefox
from the same crowd that bring you Thunderbird.

I do NOT recommend the Thunderbird email client Download Thunderbird, IF you're game. It still has a "show stopper" bug that was reported back at the start of 2001. If you "attach" a file containing plain text, to an email in Thunderbird, the program just ignores you, and instead, the file will be added "inline" with your message.
My comment added to the bug report, entered in July 2005 was just one of many. It is rumoured that version 3 may finally sort this out. I'm not holding my breath.

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